High-Quality Russian & Ukrainian Proofreading Services at OLSC

Our native Russian & Ukrainian proofreaders will help take your writing to the next level.
OLSC team provides wide-ranging proofreading services for the authors of academic, scientific and professional documents.  
Good writing helps you to communicate clearly, which is vital for achieving your goals. And this makes proofreading – the process of correcting errors and making sure your documents read smoothly – a great investment. 


As the oldest, largest and most prominent major language school in Odessa, we strive to not only maintain our success but to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality linguistic learning environment.

In this respect, we are a fully accredited member of the European Association of Quality Language Services (EAQUALS) and we welcome regular independent inspections to evaluate, stress-test and monitor the performance of the whole school in our delivery.

Odessa International Film Festival July 15th - 23rd 2016

The international competition includes films from all over the world, mostly international or national premieres, for the most demanding and passionate viewers. The film selection is focused on so-called art mainstream, which includes the films possessing a refined artistic quality, yet accessible to the broadest audience possible. For Odessa International Film Festival, viewers are the main focus and, since 2012 the audience awards the Grand-Prix. International Jury awards winners in the Best Film, Best Acting, and Best Director categories.

Dear friends!

We are now ready to launch our new website. We would love it if you could spend a few minutes browsing through it so you can see how much friendlier and useful it is. Of course, there is always room for improvement, so your comments would more than welcome. 

Thank you for support!

We are cordially grateful for the support of all our friends, partners and colleagues during this difficult period for our country.
We can confirm that OLSC continues to work in its usual, normal way and OLSC staff endeavour to make the stay of our students comfortable and pleasant.
We hope that in the nearest future common sense and peacefulness will prevail and the situation will stabilize in Odessa and in Ukraine.