Ukrainian language 2024

We continually keep on working and provide quality language instruction to people who need to continue their education. OLSC offers wide range of customized courses for different levels and has been implementing Ukrainian language for the most popular professions since 1995. On-line and off-line classes are available for all course types. 

Learn Russian online from anywhere

Welcome to OLSC, your new school.

With us, you can learn Russian online from anywhere, at any time.
Led by our certified teachers, group classes give learners the opportunity to have real, interactive conversations in Russian with their peers.

3-6 student class sizes mean you get the attention your Russian education deserves no matter where you are. Discover our online Russian courses and meet our teachers on the group schedule ...

Thank you for support!

We are cordially grateful for the support of all our friends, partners and colleagues during this difficult period for our country.
We can confirm that OLSC continues to work in its usual, normal way and OLSC staff endeavour to make the stay of our students comfortable and pleasant.
We hope that in the nearest future common sense and peacefulness will prevail and the situation will stabilize in Odessa and in Ukraine.